Fair & Festival: Why you should use SchedulePop

“My team loves SchedulePop. Thank you for continuing to help us evolve, improve customer service, and employee services. You make us a better fair!”

- Michael Searle, Deputy Director, Arizona Exposition & State Fair.

SchedulePop has been working with fairs & festivals of all shapes and sizes for many years.

There's no better time of year than when the weather warms up and the local fair and festivals come to town. With all of the cotton candy, fried snickers, and rides bring along a large number of problems....with scheduling and communication for staff and volunteers. Managing your events staff and volunteers can be chaotic. No matter the size of your team, dealing with a group of people is challenging.

Luckily, SchedulePop is here to help. Our software is being used by state and county fairs across the U.S and festivals of all shapes and sizes. With our software, take control and easily manage your schedule, communicate with the entire team, and spend more time enjoying your event.

Why you should use SchedulePop for your event.

Mass communication

Don’t let your team and volunteers miss any alert, update, or important message.

SchedulePop’s messaging tools, you can directly message your entire team, specific job codes and areas, or individual people straight to their mobile device in just a few clicks. The easy to use feature gives you the capability to make sure your team stays informed in the event of any situation.

In the event of inclement weather, a serious threat, or lost child, you want to make sure you have a tool in hand to keep your team up to date. Regardless of how many people you manage, a messaging tool in hand can be the deciding factor in the success of your event.

Easy department/zone scheduling.

Say goodbye to miscommunication between departments, zones, or gates. SchedulePop makes it very easy to handle scheduling and communication between different groups. If you have different managers that handle the schedule for each group, you can easily set them up to manage their specific team.

This makes handling multiple groups of people easy.

Flexible pay structure for fair time or year-round events.

SchedulePops flexible pricing options make it so you can use our software all year or just during your event. If your event is only a specific amount of days, you’d have the option to pay for that specific time. 

No long-term contracts, hidden fees, just a good solid product. SchedulePop will make your event better. Give us a call today to learn more or click here to read more on our Fairs & Festival page.